Contact management

In your SettingsMy Address Book allows you to import email contacts directly from your inbox (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail …) in order to facilitate sending messages or invitations to your colleagues or candidates selected. Your contact list is then automatically updated from the emails you send, so as to avoid all unnecessary data entry.

Customizing the email acknowledgment of application

When a candidate responds to jobs posted via Beetween Publish, either by email or by application form, they automatically receive an acknowledgment of their application by email. If you want to customize the email sent to the candidate, you can adjust it in Settings , under My email preferences.

Analysis of the origin of applications

As a recruiter, you realize the value of precise statistics on applications received. Because each application has a cost, sometimes obvious, sometimes a little more hidden: the cost of the publication itself – or of obtaining the contact details of the candidate – on a paid jobboard, that of promoting your job on meta-search engines, but also just the time you or your employees spend working on these applications.  Even if  application antispam  can help you to filter out candidates who are too far from the desired profile, more precise targeting of resumes  is a better solution.

In order to see clearly and be able to make good decisions with regards to the cost of recruiting, you need accurate and reliable indicators, especially adapted to your recruitment activity, which help you to make sense of things and streamline your review of applications.  Beetween guides your analysis of the situation with the following criteria:

  • Volume of applications: Which jobboards offer the best visibility for your job and can attract the greatest number of applications?
  • Quality of applications: what percentage of applications received for a given job board are taken out in the initial selection?  Where do hired candidates come from?
  • Return on investment: by comparing the cost of publishing your ads (or the price of the promotion of your offers) to the candidates hired, you are able to determine which of your investments are profitable, and optimize your recruitment budget by focusing on the most effective actions.


The tracking system is integrated into the core of Beetween’s multi-posting system  to provide you with accurate statistics about the applications you received.  This smart system can even detect the origin of an application from an unknown jobboard, so that you are free to publish your offers on suitable sites , without having to suffer from a lack of visibility, all the while keeping all of the advantages of a centralized application tracking system.

Message templates:

Beetween offers several messaging features:

  • Sending emails to one or more candidates with Bcc
  • Scheduling an appointment with a candidate and / or a manager or client by sending an email invitation
  • Sending Resumes by email to a manager, client … with the possibility of recovering the recipient’s response to each resume sent directly to the platform.

You can save your email templates in order to re-use them and simplify your entries, saving you time when writing future messages.

Sending grouped emails

You have selected a set of candidates who responded to your ad or that you found on the web through Beetween Search or that you identified in [/intlink]your resume database[/intlink] online through integrated search engine.  The next step is to send them a job description or inquire about availability.  Nothing is more simple, select all of these candidates with one-click and access the email sending function. Then you write a single email which each candidate will receive individually (Bcc). The time saved is immediate and can be further enhanced through message templates.
Whether you contact your candidates individually or in groups, you have the complete history of your exchanges on Beetween directly within each candidate file.

Integrating with Calendar

Do you need to set an interview with a candidate? Save time by sending an invitation from his candidate profile: he and the other person will receive an email invitation which is compatible with integrated calendars (Outlook, Apple Calendar, Gmail …), avoiding double entry. The appointment is recorded on Beetween and is added to the history of the candidate, making this information available whenever you need it.

Candidate statistics for a set of recruitments

From your My Recruitments page, select the Recruitments desired and access the candidate status report. This report provides information on the candidates currently being processed in the recruitment, whether for internal processing by HR teams or waiting for the response of manager or clients. The notes you have taken are included in this report, which allows you to then transmit a clear vision of the situation, candidate by candidate.

Multiposting site selection filters

You can filter the sites on which you want to publish a job, so that you can quickly access those accepting internship offers, or differentiate between free sites and paid sites.

Popup preview of a candidate’s resume

The ‘Resume Preview’ feature gives you access to a candidate’s resume without having to download the attachment or open the full candidate record. This saves valuable time and avoids unnecessary operations.

Role Manager: limited premium

You are using Beetween within your organization, thus facilitating the interaction between the various participants, either internal or external.  However, not all people have the same role and so do not need the same features and the same information. The ‘manager’ accounts are simplified versions of classic ‘recruiter’ accounts  and focus on reporting and visualization features. They allow the user access to overviews and detailed statistics of recruitments, as well as the information entered on each candidate but do not allow to post a job or to create new candidate records. This multiple accounts system allows to reproduce your organizational model with more flexibility in the Beetween recruiting software. These ‘manager’ accounts are more cost effective and allow you to limit the number of fully functional subscriptions to your actual needs. Models of more complex permissions can be set up as needed, contact us to set up a system which best suits your needs.

Resume Antispam

Thanks to the publication of multi-posted ads on job boards and social media, as well as job meta search engines , your ads have gained visibility and you receive a large and steady flow of applications. The sorting problem arises because, as you probably already know as a recruiter, many of these applications are not relevant to the advertised job.  Beetween offers a system of Application Antispam  allowing you to simply specify, case by case, which criteria the resumes received much match: graduation, school, skills … The task of processing applications is then lightened significantly and you can devote more time on resumes deserving your attention.

Automatic analysis of uploaded resumes

When a user uploads their resumes (doc, pdf, …) from the computer to the Beetween platform, they are analyzed in real time in order to extract the information of the candidates and pre-fill some fields (name, email , phone number …). These automatic extraction tools are those used by the Beetween resume search engine.